Potions are a great way to enhance these abilities.

Mining rune. Because they drastically decreased the number of RuneScape gold realms that can be f2p I haven't mined in many years. I mined rune around one month ago in the lava maze occasionally jumping to F2P worlds and around half of the worlds with Pkers sat there. The lack of a kbd lir can make it a real pain. You have the option to kill them (if you are already in the middle of your journey) or to run your way to wilderness (20 wilderness). There is a lot of competition in the mining guild resource dungeon however it could be better than wilderness. I'm sure I've missed some. I posted a long list somewhere in June.
While the Defence pack brings you to level one Your total level of Attack, Strength Magic, Ranged, and Magic must be at least 10. This sounds very dangerous. It means that any person with maximum combat could become a maxed pure with just one defense.
The facts: Each defense level equals.25 combat levels. There are 98 defense levels, which are equal to 24.5 combat levels. Protection provides damage reduction for all melee and range damage that is incurred by Lv/10%. It is stacked in conjunction with damage reduction from tank armsour.
Level-tier determines how cubically the accuracy and defense of equipment are affected by equipment. Therefore, armour of lv50 will do little to help weapons that are lv90. In PvP situations, high level armour is rarely used due to costs, however high level weapons are commonly utilized due to the protect item prayer. Freedom is a lv34 defense ability that is essential for EoC PvP. Resonance, Rejuvenate and Debilitate are required for 37, 48, 52 and 55 defence respectively.
Potions are a great way to enhance these abilities. Ancient Warriors' pvp armor is now required to have 40 defense. Void is the smallest non-degradable power armour at 42 and Fremmenik at 50. But is it worthwhile? EoC PKing is not available in warbands that are not.
Because players with warband loot are able to attack any player, combat level in the current warband mechanics is nearly irrelevant. Legacy PKing's defence is very ineffective because of the absence of defense abilities. Jagex is trying to "revitalize" the wilderness however, they have not given any information. Are you planning to reset your defense?
Is this where the majority of the money comes from? It's not my job to be an economist however, I believe that a game such as RuneScape is always inevitably susceptible to buy RS gold inflation. Because of the Grand Exchange the money that is spent by players is transferred to players. Money earned from other players can be used for quests or to purchase monsters.
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