There are surely a number of automobiles that feature the Octane hitbox

There are surely a number of automobiles that RL Items feature the Octane hitbox, which includes the Takumi and the Twinser. These can also be incredible alternatives, though most excessive-stage gamers decide upon the usual Octane to different versions because the standard Octane automobile model fits well with its in-game hitbox.
The ’sixteen Batmobile is every other popular select among high-stage players. The ‘16 Batmobile war-vehicle changed into introduced to the game on March eight, 2016. It’s the longest car in the game and features a plank hitbox. This automobile has been preferred by many high-degree players due to the fact its angular design allows the auto to tug off effective precision photographs and the long flat body may be an powerful device for dribbling and shooting at the same time as in the air.
Unfortunately, the ‘sixteen Batmobile is no longer to be had for  buy. So except you've got an account that already offered that percent, you could’t get this battle-automobile—at least no longer at the time of writing. Luckily, there are some extraordinary motors that percentage a comparable hitbox, consisting of the Artemis, Centio, and Sentinel. You can attain similar results the use of any of those plank kind vehicles if you don’t have the ‘16 Batmobile.
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