A few weeks back, I was reading through this sub

LOL, I grew up on the WoW RP server so it was not surprising that the city was bustling. FFXIV is a completely different kind of role-playing. The focus is on engaging in WOW Classic TBC Gold fun and socializing. This is something special.
A few weeks back, I was reading through this sub and came across a few posts on limsa's afkers. I thought I'd stop by to explore them since once you've reached level 61 the og cities begin to disappear from your narrative.
So I decided to go by to check if it was as well-known and well-known as the posts claimed. My jaw fell and my frames instantly fell. Limsa is where I view my frames that are less than 120. I also forgot how near Limsas Market was, and I utilize it for all my shopping. But between runs I can be found just sitting back listening to the bards and talking about the latest nonsense.
There are those who want to get away from limsa due to the fact that they are tired of having to walk through crowds of people just to go to the market but I believe it's worth it. Since switching, I've found myself in buy WOW TBC Classic Gold the middle of the action and was able to stop to think "omg this song is mine!"
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