Benefits of owning a house in New World

Owning a house in New World is more difficult than other games. Players first need to unlock the right to buy a house through tasks. The most important thing is that they Buy New World Coins to buy a house and pay property taxes. Yes, that’s right, as in reality, the player’s house is subject to real estate tax. It is precisely because of the high cost many players will not choose to buy a house, which is a pity.

Unlike real life, players can not only to live in the house but also serve as a free fast travel spot, increase the player’s storage capacity, exhibit their own trophies, and grant passive gains. These are the benefits of players spending New World Gold to buy houses.

When players are tired of Azoth’s fast movement, they can consider buying houses with Amazon New World Coins in places they frequent. The number of houses is limited to three. This means that players need to consider where the house is located.

The resources and trophies got by players completing tasks can be stored in their own houses. Trophies are ornaments that can bring passive gains, and the number is up to five. Players cannot be put the same type of trophy in one house, but they can put the same trophy in multiple houses.

For high-level players who can earn a lot of New World Coins, buying a house is a good choice. Like most game mechanics in New World, the level of the house depends on the player’s territorial reputation. If the player cannot pay the property tax on time, all rights and interests except for the ownership of the house will be prohibited. So it is recommended that players buy New World Coins for weekly payment of property taxes.
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