Should there be a mount for New World?

Amazon will finally release New World soon, and its fans have been waiting for too long. This is the first game of its kind in a long time, and it can turn things around for Amazon's shaky game department. So whether it is Amazon or fans, they all have high hopes for this release.

New World travels very fast and there are no horses or other rideable animals. This has also led many players to discuss whether New World should have a mount. Some players think it is necessary, but some people think that the mount will make New World feel small. Now New World can play very well, and there is no need to have a mount. They even mentioned a legend that animals cannot be domesticated on the magic island of New World.

Controversy aside, with the establishment of the official Twitter account, New World will not have a mount when it is released. Amazon will not install it immediately after release. There may be mounts in the future, and they are considering how to solve the problems they see in the mounts if they do choose to include one or two horses, but they will not comment on this anytime soon. So even if a mount appears in New World, it will be a long time after the game was released.

New World will be released at the end of this month, and players can't wait to experience it. Some players have already played some New World Coins through several public betas. They said that New World is in very good condition now. When the release will definitely cause a sensation among gamers, let's wait and see!

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