NBA 2K22 is the same but different from before

NBA 2K22 has been launched, and many players are preparing to buy NBA 2K22 MT so that they can get good results in the game. At the same time in NBA 2K22, players can also see some changes. In the new game, compared with the previous, there seem to be similarities, but if you look closely, you can find the differences.

Main gameplay changes. At first glance, NBA 2K22 seems to be no different from its predecessor. Except for some new positions on the screen and the player, the main menu is exactly the same. However, there are significant differences in gameplay to reflect the realistic trajectory of basketball as a sport. Compared with last year's game, the margin of error has been reduced, every player on the field is a threat, and the simplest mistakes can lead to moments of anger.

The three-pointer changed the rules of the game. Old players in NBA2K know that the simplest game in the past can completely change the fate of outside jumpers. But that's not the case anymore. Raise your hand as long as you are a quarter of a second late. Even for those with low ratings, the opponent is 3 points. On the other hand, the player is granted the same NBA 2K22 MT. A perfect three-point shot will also unlock a unique camera angle to watch the ball sink into the basket, followed by a mini celebration.

There is almost no change. If the opponent hits his screener before approaching the player, or contains the initial defender more quickly, this makes it necessary to have a B or C plan, especially when shooting time gets shorter and shorter. The air relay is more difficult to complete. Kyle Lowry simply threw a basketball for Bam Adebayo and asked him to catch and dunk like Monstar. Of course, it was no longer automatic.

Although the throw of the high ball remains the same, the challenge of hitting the block at the right time to achieve a dunk has now been added. Although the additional challenges are sobering at first, players will eventually pay off if they figure it out. The presentation adds to the appeal. There are all kinds of people in the crowd, including empty seats, because fans of certain teams are late. 2K recruited barkers in the actual arena for each team to merge the audio to 22 years. The graphics of the arena, jerseys, and faces have been slightly improved. These will give players a better experience, and they can Buy NBA 2K22 MT to increase their wealth reserves.
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