If cornerbacks are the best option in the Southeast

Although the delay is a tough pill to Mut 22 coins swallow, EA did provide a deeper understanding of scouting. I must say that it certainly looks like a big improvement to the outdated system currently in use. On the blog, EA guided us through an actual season of scouting franchise mode.
Scouting will begin in Week 1 where you'll get to see the draft class for the first time and be able view the National Region of the Region Breakdown map to understand the identity of the draft class. You'll be able discern the general strengths and weaknesses of every draft class. This will allow you to modify your scouting group (hire and fire Scouts, assign them to another group, etc.) in order to be more compatible with your initial assessment of the draft class.
If cornerbacks are the best option in the Southeast, assign the scout who's most familiar with cornerbacks , to get the most the benefits. You're responsible for optimizing your five scouts to mmoexp madden 22 coins assist you in locating those draft-worthy players.
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