As someone who has a complete bis Rogue alt

If I'm forming a group to obtain a certain object and have got the tank and healer together... why in the world would I opt for a different DPS? The item has to WOW Classic TBC Gold drop, and I'll have to be able to win a coin to get it. DPS are a dime a dozen.
I'm not bothered by this things if they're in front. I managed my own SP group for 11 days in a row to get the trinket to drop and made sure that each time the two other dps did not need it. A majority of people wanted to have the leather legs or simply tune in. It's not recommended to wait for them to tell you, or even at the boss. After that, they'll cause more harm by letting their buddies roll on it and trade it with them.
As someone who has a complete bis Rogue alt, farming bis gear was a nightmare. My mage was about 50% till the moment I hit 70. It's simple to make the right gear for buy TBC Classic Gold your needs. Kara has almost all the same items, while my mage didn't have to make use of the gear of Prince when I turned 70. The rogue class is extremely difficult to raid as, compared to my mage and my ele shaman. The uptime-, combopointcooldown-, combopoint-, and energy management between dps imp ea can be a bit rough as compared to slamming bolts but doing much less dmg.
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