Although the Post Hook strategy is not yet mainstream

While it's not clear what kind of Center or Power Forward design the player is using to help the shots in It's likely to involve the commonly overlooked Post Hook stat in NBA 2K22 MT some way. This type of incident was first seen during a memorable Family Guy matchup between two NBA stars.
In a fabled game of "Double Dribble" between Cleveland Orenthal Brown Sr. and Peter Griffin, Peter used such an escape to win the game 18-4. He used his signature "Corner three" shot for six consecutive times. The scene may seem too real for anyone who has ever played 2K22 against a talented Sharpshooting guard.
Although the Post Hook strategy is not yet mainstream, it's something that you should look for Buy MT 2K22 when playing your Park and Rec games. NBA All-Star Kevin Durant has been logging lots of hours playing 2K22 this offseason and experienced a record-breaking winning streak last night along with some 2K content creators.
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